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Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Review

By Edward Chester. Posted

The Corsair M65 is a stalwart of the gaming mouse market, but its shape and weight make it an outlier when the current trend is to make gaming mice lighter. There are two variants of the new M65 – a wired and a wireless version. They share the same overall shape and dimensions, but the wired version is slightly lighter at 97g, while the wireless version starts at 110g and can go up to 128g once its weights are added.

When the latest lightweight FPS-targeted mice weigh in the region of 70g or lower, you can see why the M65 is such a different beast. The weights system consists of three 4g weights and three 2g screws to affix them. They’re arranged in a triangle on the underside of the mouse, so you can use them to balance the mouse to your liking.

Meanwhile, the shape and build of the M65 Ultra Wireless is intriguing. It’s fairly wide and tall with a flared-out left edge, plus of course it’s heavy. That generally bulky feel suggests this mouse is best used with a palm grip but then the back of the M65 tapers inwards quite sharply, leaving little support for the palm of the hand.

The sides are also a little slippery and the sniper thumb button slightly gets in the way for fingertip grip. It’s a well-built, weighty unit, but the shape can make the M65 uncomfortable to hold in your hand and we found we didn’t really get on with it. If you liked the shape of previous M60-series mice, then you’ll probably like this one too, but it’s definitely divisive.

Joining the standard left, right, middle/scroll wheel, back and forward buttons are two DPI buttons behind the scroll wheel and that sniper thumb button. The latter is designed to be used as a quick DPI-lowering button for sniping. We’ve also found it can be rather useful in some desktop software, such as Photoshop, and it’s fully programmable button, so you can use it for any purpose.

It’s fairly wide and tall with a flared-out left edge

Both of the new M65 RGB Ultras include Corsair’s latest Marksman optical sensor. There’s also a six-axis gyro system that lets the mouse know when it has been picked up, minimise lift-off-distance and offer programmable tilt gestures. Meanwhile, the wireless version uses the company’s excellent Slipstream wireless technology that has a latency of just 0.9ms, and you can connect it over Bluetooth too.

The tilt gestures are an intriguing addition that certainly elevates the mouse above most others for utility. They work quickly and intuitively, and it’s one less shortcut or macro you’ll have to assign to your keyboard.

In general, performance was as excellent, as we’ve come to expect, with flawless tracking accuracy, great button feel and no discernible lag from the wireless mode, plus battery life proved impressive too. Corsair claims up to 90 hours over wireless and 120 hours via Bluetooth, and we certainly had no issues with the mouse running out over a week of use.


The M65 RGB Ultra Wireless is a hugely capable gaming mouse that’s packed with features. None of the extras are essential, but most of them can be useful. It’s not cheap, but it’s competitively priced for a wireless mouse. However, its shape can make it uncomfortable to hold – we recommend trying it before buying it, and it’s also heavy for an FPS mouse.

A divisive shape and weight, but this is a solid update to a venerable gaming mouse.

£110 inc VAT

DESIGN 16/20 | FEATURES 18/20 | PERFORMANCE 26/30 | VALUE 16/30 | OVERALL 74%

+Loads of features
+Solid performance
+Reasonable value

Marked man
-Odd shape

Weight 110g
Dimensions (mm) 77 x 117 x 39 (W x D x H)
Sensor Corsair Marksman, 26,000 DPI, 50g acceleration, 650 IPS
Buttons 8 (left, right, scroll wheel, back, forward, two DPI, sniper)
Cable 1.8m, USB Type-C
Stated battery life 90 hours wireless, 120 hours Bluetooth
Extras Dongle stowage on underside, weights system, tilt gestures

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