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The ultimate guide to pre-millennial PC hardware.

Travel back to the Neolithic days of the 286, CGA graphics and the first sound cards with our free guide to vintage PC hardware. From the very first PC to the Nvidia GeForce, we tell the development stories of loads of early PC CPUs, graphics cards, sound systems and more with in-depth technical detail, interviews and practical guides.

Of course, we’re Custom PC, so we don’t just want to say ‘hey, remember this!’ in the hope of triggering a bout of fuzzy, rose-tinted nostalgia – we want to get our hands on the old hardware, show you how it worked and talk to the people involved with its development.

This digital book contains nearly 100 pages of content from our regular Retro Tech section, not only covering the inner workings of loads of the hardware and software from the 1980s and 1990s, but also showing you how to build your own retro PC with a modern twist and also emulate DOS on Raspberry Pi.