Custom PC

Custom PC — Issue 214

In Issue #214 we take a machete to the sprawling jungle of modern overclocking, clearing a path that takes you from basic manual overclocking to advanced techniques, on both Intel and AMD chips.

With loads of cores crammed into the latest CPUs, not to mention aggressive boosting algorithms, overclocking is no longer always as simple as just whacking up the multiplier. In our overclocking masterclass, we not only take you through the basics of all-core overclocking, but we also explain how Intel and AMD’s own overclocking tools and features work, as well as guiding you through using them.

We’ve also provided loads of safe settings for you to try on 24 old and new CPUs, so grab this issue and find out how to make your CPU faster for free.

Also in this issue:

  • How many cores do you need for gaming?
  • 24in gaming monitor group test
  • How to etch and engrave side panels
  • Mini-ITX case labs
  • Retro tech – 16-colour EGA gaming