Custom PC

Custom PC — Issue 221

Fancy upgrading to Intel’s awesome new 12th-gen CPUs? Then you’ll want to pick up Issue 221 of Custom PC. This latest issue is packed with everything you need to know about upgrading to Intel’s Alder Lake platform, with options starting from just £540 and going all the way up to £1,410.

We take you through the cooling requirements for each K-series CPU, and also test DDR4 against DDR5 memory. In addition, we take you through the process of overclocking the CPUs’ P-Cores and E-Cores, and there are reviews of Z690 motherboards as well. We’ve even squeezed a guide to building an Alder Lake PC into the mag too.

Also in this issue:

  • High-end GPU Labs
  • Budget gaming keyboard Labs
  • Mince pie megatest
  • How to fit a motherboard monoblock
  • CPC Christmas gift guide
  • How VGA turned the PC into a gaming powerhouse
  • Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W
  • Deathloop