Custom PC

Custom PC — Issue 223

In Issue 223 we give you a manual of tips and tricks to help you build a faster, cooler, quieter and less troublesome PC. From dealing with bent CPU pins to positioning your fans correctly and applying thermal paste, we have 50 nuggets of wisdom to help you build a better PC and make your life easier.

Even the most hardened PC enthusiasts have had a moment or two where they’ve thought: ‘I really wish I’d known that before I started,’ but this feature can stop that before it happens. Here’s your chance to get up to speed with the skills we’ve accumulated from our many years of PC building.

Also in this issue:

  • Driving sim buyer’s guide
  • 120mm liquid cooler group test
  • How to paint hard tubing
  • VA gaming monitor group test
  • Mouse modding guide
  • How to fit your graphics card vertically
  • Retro tech: Nvidia GeForce 256
  • Dragon 32 archaeology