Custom PC

Custom PC — Issue 224

In Issue 224 we show you how to build a barn storming gaming rig for under a grand, complete with the latest tech from Intel and AMD. Our affordable PC sports a 6-core Intel Alder Lake CPU, 1TB of PCI-E storage, 16GB of memory and an AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT GPU, all packed into an RGB-equipped case with a Corsair power supply. For the first time in over a year, building a decent gaming PC is affordable again.

We show you exactly what gear you need to buy, and take you through the build process step by step, including a guide to setting up the EFI. Our sub-£1,000 gaming system can play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at 1,920 x 1,080 with Ultra settings at 86fps, and even averages 65fps in Cyberpunk 2077 at Ultra settings. What’s more, it averages 256fps in Doom Eternal – great if you have a monitor with a fast refresh rate.

Also in this issue:

  • Intel B660 motherboard group test
  • Monitor buyer’s guide
  • Premium speakers group test
  • Intel Core i5-12400F
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050
  • How to vinyl-wrap your case and graphics card
  • Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB
  • Retro tech: AMD K7 Athlon